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Adenomatous polyposis coli protein deletion leads to cognitive and autism-like disabilities
Intellectual disabilities (IDs) and autism spectrum disorders link to human APC inactivating gene mutations. However, little is known about adenomatous polyposis coli’s (APC’s) role in the mammalianExpand
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Xilinx Devices in Portable Ultrasound Systems
other designated brands included herein are trademarks of Xilinx in the United States and other countries. PCI, PCIe and PCI Express are trademarks of PCI-SIG and used under license. MATLAB andExpand
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Extending ARINC 818: The development of an ARINC 818 switch architecture
This paper will describe the development of an architecture for a 10×10 ARINC 818 switch, from conceptual design to hardware implementation. Expand
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APC conditional knock-out mouse is a model of infantile spasms with elevated neuronal β-catenin levels, neonatal spasms, and chronic seizures
Infantile spasms (IS) are a catastrophic childhood epilepsy syndrome characterized by flexion-extension spasms during infancy that progress to chronic seizures and cognitive deficits in later life.Expand
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New molecular insights into cognitive and autistic-like disabilities
Intellectual disabilities and autism correlate with human adenomatous polyposis coli (APC) heterozygous gene deletions, but APC's function in the brain is poorly defined. The article by Mohn et al.,Expand
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ARINC 818 express for high-speed avionics video and power over coax
CoaXPress is a new standard for high-speed video over coax cabling developed for the machine vision industry. CoaXPress includes both a physical layer and a video protocol. The physical layer hasExpand
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Using ARINC 818 avionics digital video bus (ADVB) for military displays
ARINC 818 Avionics Digital Video Bus (ADVB) is a new digital video interface and protocol standard developed especially for high bandwidth uncompressed digital video. The first draft of thisExpand
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ARINC 818 for video and display control
ARINC 818 is defined as a point-to-point video link that is used to drive cockpit displays both in military and commercial aerospace applications. In addition to the ARINC 818 video link to aExpand
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Designing and testing Avionics Digital Video Bus (ARINC 818) interfaces
ARINC 818 (Avionics Digital Video Bus) has gained wide adoption on new, large aircraft such as the Boeing 787, KC-46A and the Airbus A350XWB and many others. ARINC 818 is used in high-speed,Expand
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Using Xilinx FPGAs to Solve Endoscope System Architecture Challenges
www.xilinx.com 1 © Copyright 2011. Xilinx, Inc. Xilinx, the Xilinx logo, Artix, ISE, Kintex, Spartan, Virtex, Zynq, and other designated brands included herein are trademarks of Xilinx in the UnitedExpand