Jon A. Schwartz

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The sea slug Elysia clarki sequesters photosynthetically functional chloroplasts from at least a dozen algal species and maintains these plastids for up to 4 months. Elysia papillosa and Placida kingstoni also feed on some of the same, or congeneric species such as Bryopsis plumosa and Penicillus lamourouxii, but cannot maintain plastids longer than 2(More)
  • Jon A Schwartz, Anil M Shetty, +7 authors J Donald Payne
  • 2009
We report on a pilot study showing a proof of concept for the passive delivery of nanoshells to an orthotopic tumor where they induce a local, confined therapeutic response distinct from that of normal brain resulting in the photothermal ablation of canine transmissible venereal tumor (cTVT) in a canine brain model. cTVT fragments grown in severe combined(More)
—In this paper, we have designed and fabricated a mi-crofluidic channel to focus biological cells using dielectrophoresis for cytometry applications. The device consists of an elliptic-like channel fabricated by isotropic etching of soda lime glass wafers and a subsequent wafer-bonding process. Microelectrodes are pat-terned on the circumference of the(More)
PURPOSE Gold nanoshells (NSs) have already shown great promise as photothermal actuators for cancer therapy. Integrin αvβ3 is a marker that is specifically and preferentially overexpressed on multiple tumor types and on angiogenic tumor neovasculature. Active targeting of NSs to integrin αvβ3 offers the potential to increase accumulation preferentially in(More)
A high-voltage (HV) integrated circuit has been demonstrated to transport fluidic droplet samples on programmable paths across the array of driving electrodes on its hydrophobically coated surface. This exciter chip is the engine for dielectrophoresis (DEP)-based micro-fluidic lab-on-a-chip systems, creating field excitations that inject and move fluidic(More)
A high-voltage (HV) integrated circuit has been demonstrated to transport droplets on programmable paths across its coated surface. This chip is the engine for a dielectrophoresis (DEP)-based micro-fluidic lab-on-a-chip system. This chip creates DEP forces that move and help inject droplets. Electrode excitation voltage and frequency are variable. With the(More)
There is an urgent clinical need to monitor the intravenous delivery and bioavailability of circulating nanoparticles used in cancer therapy. This work presents the use of photoplethysmography for the noninvasive real-time estimation of vascular gold nanoshell concentration in a murine subject. We develop a pulse photometer capable of accurately measuring(More)
In this study, high resolution backward-mode photoacoustic microscopy ͑PAM͒ is used to noninvasively image progressive extravasation and accumulation of nanoshells within a solid tumor in vivo. PAM takes advantage of the strong near-infrared absorption of nanoshells and their extravasation tendency from leaky tumor vascu-latures for imaging. Subcutaneous(More)
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