Jonás Velasco

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Adaptive Gibbs Sampling (AGS) algorithm is a new heuristic for unconstrained global optimization. AGS algorithm is a population-based method that uses a random search strategy to generate a set of new potential solutions. Random search combines the one-dimensional Metropolis-Hastings algorithm with the multidimensional Gibbs sampler in such a way that the(More)
This paper presents an adaptive random search approach to address a short term generation scheduling with network constraints, which determines the startup and shutdown schedules of thermal units over a given planning horizon. In this model, we consider the transmission network through capacity limits and line losses. The mathematical model is stated in the(More)
Diamond films exhibits excellent properties as high thermal conductivity and low electrical conduc tivity, due to phonon phenomena. Also, its strong valence bonds allow gap values up to 5.4 ev. When diamond films are exposed to beta radiation, some electrons pass from the valence to the conduction band, and other stayed trapped between both bands. If the(More)
REVISIÓN REVISIÓN 333 RESUMEN Acción y destino de los antioxidantes naturales y sintéticos durante el proceso de fritura. La acción de antioxidantes para retrasar la oxidación en grasas y aceites es bien conocida aunque la mayor parte de la información está relacionada con su actividad a temperatura ambiente durante el almacenamiento o a las temperaturas(More)
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