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This study evaluated the inhibitory potential of ethyl acetate extract of Parmotrema tinctorum (PTEE), an edible lichen, against aldose reductase (AR) and carbohydrate digestive enzymes such as α-glucosidase and α-amylase. It was also screened for antioxidant activities by using DPPH, ABTS, superoxide and hydroxyl radical-scavenging assays. PTEE exhibited(More)
Hyperglycaemia in diabetic patients causes diverse range of complications and the earliest among them is diabetic cataract. The role of aldose reductase, the key enzyme in polyol pathway, is well known in the genesis of cataract in chronic diabetic patients. Controlling of sorbitol flux into lens epithelial cells through aldose reductase inhibitors is an(More)
Mitotic Kinesin motors, Eg5 and Kif15, have recently emerged as good targets for cancer as they play an inevitable role during mitosis. But, most of the Eg5 inhibitors were found ineffective when the cancer cells develop resistance to them by escalating the expression of Kif15 as alternative to Eg5. Therefore, the drugs that target Kif15 became necessary to(More)
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