Jolly Mary Kabirizi

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Newcastle One hundred fifty day-old commercial broiler chicks were reared in six groups with each group containing 25 chicks. The chicks were maintained on two diets namely BSA: broiler starter feed containing 25-35 ppb of aflatoxin and BSB: broiler starter feed containing 25-35 ppb of aflatoxin+0.5% Ugandan bentonite (UB). After three weeks, broiler(More)
Five primiparous cows (Friesians crossed with undefined breeds and in early lactation) were used to assess the milk yield response of dairy cows offered a basal feed of Panicum maximum hay and supplemented with diets based on sorghum stover and Tithonia diversifolia leaf hay during the dry season. The cows were assigned to five experimental diets in a 5 × 5(More)
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