Jolke Perelaer

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Conventional patterning methods, such as vapor deposition, photolithography, and sputtering, are processing techniques that are unable to pattern in a digital and fl exible manner. Inkjet printing of(More)
A combination of plasma and microwave flash sintering is used to sinter an inkjet-printed and tailored silver nanoparticle formulation. By using two sintering techniques sequentially, the obtained(More)
Ionic liquid gels, or ionogels, are semi-conductive, flexible materials, offering a host of tunable physical properties, gaining an increasing level of scientific interest. One of the challenges of(More)
For the first time, thin-film libraries of zinc(II) bis-2,2':6',2"-terpyridine metallopolymers are prepared by inkjet printing to study structure-property relationships and their possible usage for(More)