Jolien Je van Hooff

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Faithful chromosome segregation relies on kinetochores, the large protein complexes that connect chromatin to spindle microtubules. Although human and yeast kinetochores are largely homologous, they track microtubules with the unrelated protein complexes Ska (Ska-C, human) and Dam1 (Dam1-C, yeast). We here uncovered that Ska-C and Dam1-C are both widespread(More)
During eukaryotic cell division, the sister chromatids of duplicated chromosomes are pulled apart by microtubules, which connect via kinetochores. The kinetochore is a multiprotein structure that links centromeres to microtubules, and that emits molecular signals in order to safeguard the equal distribution of duplicated chromosomes over daughter cells.(More)
CAMSAP and Patronin family members regulate microtubule minus-end stability and localization and thus organize noncentrosomal microtubule networks, which are essential for cell division, polarization and differentiation. Here, we found that the CAMSAP C-terminal CKK domain is widely present among eukaryotes and autonomously recognizes microtubule minus(More)
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