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A spreadsheet‐based manure transport and land application decision tool, MANURE$HAUL, was developed to provide farmers, custom applicators, and others involved with manure management a manure cost and labor calculator for liquid manure systems using top‐loading tank spreaders and nurse tanks. The manure hauling capacity was a function of the machinery set(More)
WILDLIFE CONSERVATION IN ZAMBIA IMPACT OF GAME MANAGEMENT AREAS ON HOUSEHOLD WELFARE By Ana Fernández This research investigates the impact of wildlife conservation policies on the welfare of communities living in Zambian Game Management Areas (GMAs). The study first uses simple OLS to measure the overall effect that living in a GMA has on household(More)
IDENTIFYING THE DETERMINANTS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF MOTHERS’ INCOME IN RURAL MALI By Megan E. McGlinchy This study investigates the determinants and characteristics of women’s income in Mali. Malian men and women do not entirely pool their incomes within the household, and women’s income is particularly important in influencing child health and nutritional(More)
Variations in milk and feed prices directly affect dairy farm risk management decisions. This research used data from the 2010 US Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Resource Management Surveys phase III dairy survey to examine how risk management tools affected revenues and expenses across US dairy farms. The survey was sent to 26 states and collected(More)
Climate science has begun to recognize the important role of non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions, including methane. Given the important contribution of methane, anaerobic digesters (ADs) on dairy farms in the U.S. present an opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We quantify the social and private costs and benefits of ADs that have(More)
Citizen environmental complaints filed against agricultural producers in Michigan were examined to determine farm and community factors influencing citizen complaints and the subsequent response of the farmer. Secondary citizen environmental complaint data were obtained from the Michigan Department of Agriculture from 1998 to 2007 with 1,289 observations.(More)