Jolanta Piszczek

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A comparison was made of different types of anticoagulants on packed cell volume determinations of canine, feline, rabbit, and human blood. It was found that the use of excessive amounts of anticoagulant alters the packed cell volume when measured by the standard centrifuge method. It was also found that the results vary significantly when different(More)
BACKGROUND Despite a lack of data describing the long-term efficacy and safety of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), prescribing of testosterone to older men has increased with the availability of topical formulations. The magnitude of this increase and the impact of formulary restrictions on testosterone prescribing are poorly characterized. METHODS(More)
A serum sickness-like syndrome developed in a 38-year-old woman with a history of drug allergy who had been taking propranolol hydrochloride (Inderal) for four days. The illness resolved after the drug was withdrawn and a course of prednisone therapy was given. We recommend caution to physicians in prescribing propranolol or other beta-adrenergic blocking(More)
Sir, In their recent evaluation of daptomycin plus ceftriaxone using a simulated endocardial vegetation model, Snyder et al. 1 demonstrated in vitro synergy against enterococci. We recently treated an 84-year-old male for bioprosthetic valve infective endocarditis (IE) caused by Enterococcus faecalis with this regimen, resulting in relapse and death. While(More)