Jolanta Jaroszuk-Ściseł

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We examined callase activity in anthers of sterile Allium sativum (garlic) and fertile Allium atropurpureum. In A. sativum, a species that produces sterile pollen and propagates only vegetatively, callase was extracted from the thick walls of A. sativum microspore tetrads exhibited maximum activity at pH 4.8, and the corresponding in vivo values ranged from(More)
The efficiency of hydrolysis of fungal (Fusarium spp.) cell wall and rye root cell wall by crude enzymatic complexes from (42-day-old) cultures of three F. culmorum isolates, a plant growth–promoting rhizosphere isolate (PGPF) DEMFc2, a deleterious rhizosphere isolate (DRMO) DEMFc5, and a pathogenic isolate DEMFc37, as well as two other, pathogenic isolates(More)
Three different Fusarium culmorum strains having a pathogenic, a deleterious (deleterious rhizosphere microorganism), or a promoting (plant growth promoting fungus) effect on plant growth were studied for their ability to synthesize in vitro the phytohormones indoleacetic acid (IAA), gibberellic acid (GA), and ethylene. All the phytohormones tested were(More)
Fungal polysaccharides (PSs) are the subject of research in many fields of science and industry. Many properties of PSs have already been confirmed and the list of postulated functions continues to grow. Fungal PSs are classified into different groups according to systematic affinity, structure (linear and branched), sugar composition (homo- and(More)
The aim of the present study was to find a possible relationship between the presence of yeast and filamentous fungi in hospital emergency departments and the activity levels of blood granulocytes and monocytes in emergency personnel. The study of mycological pollution was conducted in winter; the samples were collected from 10 Warsaw hospitals emergency(More)
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