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BACKGROUND AND AIMS In patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB) who have failed on other nucleos(t)ide analogs (NUCs), the combination of entecavir (ETV) plus tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF), two potent agents with non-overlapping resistance profiles, may provide a single rescue regimen. METHODS In this single-arm, open-label study, 92 CHB patients(More)
BACKGROUND (99m)Tc-HEPIDA total plasma clearance has been used for assessment of hepatic parenchyma damage. However, the radiopharmaceutical used is being partly cleared from plasma also by the urinary tract. As the share of the latter route in total elimination of the compound is not well known, the aim of the study was to investigate the percentage of(More)
Plasma clearance of (99m)Tc-HEPIDA (Cl(Pl)) has been used for two decades for assessment of liver function in patients with diseases of this organ. A specific determination of (99m)Tc-HEPIDA liver clearance (Cl(Hp)) has been developed that provides more direct possibility to evaluate performance of liver parenchyma. Both tests have been studied in healthy(More)
UNLABELLED More than 185 million people around the world have been infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), of whom 350 000 die each year. HCV is a now a curable disease, and advances in HCV therapy have resulted in steadily higher cure rates. Therapies based on PegINF are still treatment of choice. However PegINF can induce severe adverse events(More)
81 patients (pts) with bacterial meningitis hospitalised in the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in the years 1990-1991 were treated according to two therapeutic schedules. First: young pts (under 40 years), without coexisting diseases obtained Penicillin G and aminoglycoside and/or synthetic penicillin. Second: pts over 40 years old with coexisting diseases(More)
Authors have presented 81 cases of bacterial meningitis in adult patients (pts) treated in the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in the years 1990-1991. The aim of the study was the clinical and epidemiological analysis of the bacterial meningitis. Clinical symptoms, time between first symptoms and onset of hospitalisation and treatment, coexisting diseases(More)
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