Jolanta Dłużewska

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In this study, we have compared three isolation methods of cytochrome b₆f complex, obtained from spinach (Spinacia oleracea), differing in the preservation of the cytochrome b₆f-associated ferredoxin:NADP+ oxidoreductase (FNR). Although the complexes isolated by all the methods showed the presence of the FNR peptide(s), when incorporated into liposome(More)
Isoprenoid quinones and chromanols in plants fulfill both signaling and antioxidant functions under oxidative stress. The redox state of the plastoquinol pool (PQ-pool), which is modulated by interaction with reactive oxygen species (ROS) during oxidative stress, has a major regulatory function in both short- and long-term acclimatory responses. By(More)
In this study, 25 accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana originating from a variety of climate conditions were grown under controlled circumstances of different light intensity and temperature. The accessions were analyzed for prenyllipids content and composition, as well as expression of the genes involved in tocochromanol biosynthesis (vte1-5). It was found(More)
The authors present an analysis of pre-, intra- and postoperative risk factors of late ventricular arrhythmias in 100 children in 5-12 years after total correction of the tetralogy of Fallot. Complex arrhythmias (III-V class according to Lown classification) were found in 19% of patients. Risk factors were: in the pre- and intraoperative period--marked(More)
During their lifetime, plants need to adapt to a changing environment, including light and temperature. To understand how these factors influence plant growth, we investigated the physiological and antioxidant responses of two Arabidopsis accessions, Shahdara (Sha) from the Shahdara valley (Tajikistan, Central Asia) in a mountainous area and Lovvik-5(More)
In the present studies, we focused on substrate specificity of tocopherol cyclase, the key enzyme in the biosynthesis of the tocopherols and plastochromanol-8, the main plant lipid antioxidants, with special emphasis on the preference for tocopherols and plastochromanol-8 precursors, taking advantage of the recombinant enzyme originating from Arabidopsis(More)