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Dealing with the provisioning of cloud services granted by Security SLAs is a very challenging research topic. At the state of the art, the main related issues involve: (i) representing security features so that they are understandable by both customers and providers and measurable (by means of verifiable security-related Service Level Objectives (SLOs)),(More)
In the cloud computing context, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are contracts between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and Cloud Service Customers (CSCs), stating the guaranteed quality level of the services offered by CSPs. Existing cloud SLAs focus only on few service terms, completely ignoring all security related aspects. They are often reported in a way(More)
– Cloud computing is increasingly playing an important role in the service provisioning domain given the economic and technological benefits it offers. The popularity of cloud services is increasing but so are their customers’ concerns about security assurance and transparency of the Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). This is especially relevant in the case of(More)
Received by the editors on November 13, 2011. Accepted for publication on July 8, 2013. Handling Editor: Bryan L. Shader. FMF and IMFM, University of Ljubljana, Jadranska 19, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, and IAM, University of Primorska, Slovenia ( XLAB d.o.o., Pot za Brdom 100, 1125 Ljubljana, Slovenia, and FMF, University of(More)
In this paper properties of cell matrices are studied. A determinant of such a matrix is given in a closed form. In the proof a general method for determining a determinant of a symbolic matrix with polynomial entries, based on multivariate polynomial Lagrange interpolation, is outlined. It is shown that a cell matrix of size n > 1 has exactly one positive(More)
A place of home is an interactive audio installation composed of six audio clips that refer to the artist's deliberation on the subject of home. The visitor enters a completely dark and empty space as an active explorer: at the same time, he is both a visitor and a part of the work. An auditive narration describes the artist's home and her sense of home,(More)
In thispapera relationbetweengraphdistancematricesof thestargraphand its generalizations and Euclidean distance matrices is considered. It is proven that distance matrices of certain families of graphs are circum Euclidean. Their spectrum and generating points are given in a closed form. 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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