Joke Dorrepaal

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1 .Abstract This paper reports on a model that serves anaphora resolution. A distinction will be made between possible antecedents and preferred an.-tecedents. The set of linguistically possible candidates will be detined in terms of compatibility and recency. Preferred antecedents are a subset of the possible antecedents, selected by the application of(More)
In the paper it is argued that for some linguistic phenomena, current discourse representation structures are insufficiently fine-grained, both from the perspective of serving as representation in NLP and from a truth conditional perspective. One such semantic phenomenon is uniqueness. It is demonstrated that certain elements are forced to have a unique(More)
The MiMo2 translation system combines several leading ideas in the areas of linguistics, computation and translation. In the area of translation we follow the ideas of Landsbergen 22] by assuming that translation is symmetric; and combine these ideas with the advantages of a transfer approach. Computationally the system focuses on computability and(More)
Theoretical research in the area of machine translation usually involves the search for and creation of an appropriate formalism. An important issue in this respect is the way in which the compositionality of translation is to be deened. In this paper, we will introduce the anaphoric component of the Mimo formalism. It makes the deenition and translation of(More)
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