Jojo Moses Eghan

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With the current emergence of biometric image data applications on devices such as smart phones, security cameras, personal computers etc, there is a need for securing the image templates obtained from crime scenes as well as such devices before storing them in locations such as the cloud etc. In this paper, we proposed an encryption technique of securing(More)
Medical images stored in health information systems, cloud or other systems are of key importance. Privacy and security needs to be guaranteed for such images through encryption and authentication processes. Encrypted and watermarked images in this domain needed to be reversible so that the plain image operated on in the encryption and watermarking process(More)
The high increase in the transmission of digital data over secured and unsecured communications channels poses a lot of security and privacy concerns to both the transmitter and the receiver. Many operations engaged today in urban and warfare, be they for construction, monitory of plants, high voltage lines, military, police, fire service, intelligence etc.(More)
Security of digital images in today's cyber is a major concern. Transmission of compressed and uncompressed multimedia data is necessary for communication between different devices. Devices of different screen features and resolution need very efficient and fast compression techniques in order to maintain visual features of transmitted media. Robustness is(More)
With the increase in structural complexities in modern cities, many operations, be they military, police, fire service, intelligence, rescue, or other field operations, require localization services and online situation awareness to make them effective. The digital data collected from such systems are sensitive hence security concerns regarding the(More)
Identity management is crucial in cyberspace where infringement of one's privacy, copy right disputes, theft and other malicious activities are very rampant. There exists a need of ownership identification and authentication of digital images. In solving and contributing to this field, we proposed a cryptographic and watermarking encryption technique for(More)
The digital image data transmission and storage in today's cyberspace has increase with privacy and security concerns. Digital media collected from different sources such as surveillance systems, forensic databases, medical images are very sensitive hence security concerns regarding the safe transmission and authentication of such digital data across(More)