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Operational lumped constant for FDG in normal adult male rats.
UNLABELLED We determined an operational value for the lumped constant to be used in measurements of the local rate of cerebral glucose use (lCMR(glc)) with FDG in normal adult male rats. METHODSExpand
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Development of 5‐HT1A receptor radioligands to determine receptor density and changes in endogenous 5‐HT
[18F]FCWAY and [18F]FPWAY, analogues of the high affinity 5‐HT1A receptor (5‐HT1AR) antagonist WAY100635, were evaluated in rodents as potential radiopharmaceuticals for determining 5‐HT1AR densityExpand
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Application of highly sensitive UPLC-MS to determine biodistribution at tracer doses: validation with the 5-HT1A ligand [(18)F]FPWAY.
High-sensitivity and high-resolution LC/MS instrumentation has been applied in positron emission tomography (PET) radiopharmaceutical development to provide quantitative measurement of the mass ofExpand
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Distribution of the 5-HT1A receptor antagonist [18F]FPWAY in blood and brain of the rat with and without isoflurane anesthesia
PurposeTo determine whether brain and plasma equilibrium of a proposed PET tracer for 5-HT1A, [18F]FPWAY, can be achieved in a sufficiently short time for practical use of the brain to plasmaExpand
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Imaging of the muscarinic acetylcholine neuroreceptor in rats with the M2 selective agonist [18F]FP-TZTP.
INTRODUCTION [(18)F]FP-TZTP is an M2 muscarinic subtype selective receptor-binding radiotracer used in vivo to image human and nonhuman primate brain following both bolus injection and infusion. InExpand
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