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The effects of covalent dimerisation of melittin by disulphide formation in cysteine-substitution analogues, (melittin K23C)2 and (melittin K23Q,Q25C)2, on the kinetics of pore formation in phosphatidylcholine small unilamellar vesicles was measured under low ionic strength conditions. The initial rate of melittin-induced pore formation increased with the(More)
The mutation S163L in human heart lactate dehydrogenase removes substrate inhibition while only modestly reducing the turnover rate for pyruvate. Since this is the third enzyme to show this behaviour, we suggest that the S163L mutation is a general method for the removal of substrate inhibition in L-LDH enzymes. Engineering such enzymatic properties has(More)
Two cysteine substitutions of bee venom melittin have been synthesized to investigate the effects of disulfide cross-linking on the self-association properties of the peptide in solution. K23C melittin (mltK23C) was designed to link nonpolar surfaces of the amphipathic melittin helix on the basis of the close juxtaposition of pairs of K23 side chains in the(More)
This paper proposes a high frame rate 3-D shape measurement system based on structured light projection using temporally-coded binary patterns. This system consists of a DMD (digital micromirror device) projector and a high-speed camera, both of which operate at over 6,000 fps. Introducing an image processing algorithm of detecting and tracking the(More)
A 1,000-jps camera-projector system in which projected patterns are adoptively controlled according to image processing results is described. Adaptive structured light projection enables fast and efficient 3-D information acquisition. The prototype system is applied to the tracking of the nearest point of an object, and experimental results show that the(More)
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