Joji Suzuki

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BACKGROUND A new class of synthetic hallucinogens called NBOMe has emerged as drugs of abuse. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to conduct a systematic review of published reports of toxicities associated with NBOMe ingestion. METHODS We searched PubMed for relevant English-language citations that described adverse effects from analytically confirmed human NBOMe(More)
BACKGROUND Opioid use disorders are a growing public health problem in the United States. Most women who are opioid-dependent are of childbearing age, and management of opioid dependence during pregnancy poses unique challenges. Assessment includes evaluation for addiction, withdrawal syndromes, and comorbid psychiatric diagnoses. Consultation-liaison (C-L)(More)
BACKGROUND Expansion of medical marijuana (MM) laws in the United States may offer oncology new therapeutic options. However, the scientific evidence for MM remains in infancy. This study qualitatively explored professional opinion around the role of MM in cancer care. METHODS Semistructured interviews were administered to a sample of individuals with(More)
OBJECTIVE Psychiatrists are well suited to provide office-based opioid treatment (OBOT), but the extent to which psychiatry residents are exposed to buprenorphine training and OBOT during residency remains unknown. METHODS Psychiatry residency programs in the USA were recruited to complete a survey. RESULTS Forty-one programs were included in the(More)
Use of hallucinogenic substances as a public health concern has increased over the past decade. Among adolescents, there are increasing emergency department presentations for intoxication with these drugs, contrary to decreasing reported use of classical hallucinogens such as LSD. Academic and governmental groups have monitored use of hallucinogens,(More)
A new class of synthetic hallucinogens called NBOMe has emerged, and reports of adverse effects are beginning to appear. We report on a case of a suicide attempt after LSD ingestion which was analytically determined to be 25I-NBOMe instead. Clinicians need to have a high index of suspicion for possible NBOMe ingestion in patients reporting the recent use of(More)
The neural reward circuit and cognitive distortion play an important role in addiction; however, the relationship between the two has not yet been addressed. In this article, we review recent findings on nicotine dependence and propose a novel hypothesis. Previous research using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) has shown that while activation of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examines the use of substance abuse and mental health services among older adults with substance use disorders. METHODS Participants were members of Humana Cares, a subsidiary of Humana, Inc., a care management program for chronically ill Medicare Advantage members, between 2008 and 2010. All adults aged 65 and older with a substance(More)