Joice Seleme Mota

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This paper proposes an automated approach for describing how geospatial objects evolve. We consider geospatial objects whose boundaries and properties change in the time, and refer to them as evolving objects. Our approach is to provide a set of rules that describe how objects change, referred to as rule-based evolution. We consider the case where we are(More)
Patterns of deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia are often associated with different actors, their economic activities and their land use and land cover change strategies. These patterns are often analyzed as static landscape objects, they are not treated as objects evolving along the time. This paper proposes to apply the Case-Based Reasoning (CBR)(More)
This paper describes a model for spatiotemporal objects whose location is fixed, but its boundaries and properties change. We refer to these as evolving objects. We consider cases where the evolution of an object is dependent of its type and propose a rule-based approach for description of spatiotemporal object's evolution. By developing semantics of(More)
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