Johnson Kinyua

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology enables information to be remotely stored and retrieved by means of electromagnetic radiation. Compared to other automatic identification technologies, RFID provides an efficient, flexible and inexpensive way of identifying and tracking objects. Asset management is one of the potential applications for RFID(More)
Unreliability of the data streams generated by RFID readers is among the primary factors which limit the widespread adoption of the RFID technology. RFID data cleaning is, therefore, an essential task in the RFID middleware systems in order to reduce reading errors, and to allow these data streams to be used to make a correct interpretation and analysis of(More)
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has emerged as a key technology for automatic identification and tracking applications; and asset management is one of the potential applications. Efficient asset management is among the important factors for the effective running of any organization. Asset management using the RFID can reduce human errors,(More)
Throughout history it has been proved that tendencies on the manufacturing floor are a reflection of the changes in the customers' demands. Manufacturing systems of the next generation will have to incorporate more flexibility and intelligence, evolving towards reconfigurable manufacturing systems. The concept of 'intelligence' becomes increasingly relevant(More)
This study aims at investigating the effect of organizational, trust, social, information technology, external factors and knower's attitude on knowledge sharing in a South African financial institution. The results shows that organizational, information technology, social, trust factors, and knower's attitude have a significance impact in knowledge sharing(More)
As the complexity of designing electronic systems continues to grow, the most commonly used solution has been to move the design process to higher levels of abstraction via software tools. In this work we present one such tool that can be used to automatically generate custom processors and systems-on-chip (SoC) from C source code or application binary(More)
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