Johnson J. Thomas

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Real-time embedded programs are time sensitive and, to trace such programs, the instrumentation mechanism must honor the programs' timing constraints. We present a time-aware instrumentation technique that injects program code with slack-based conditional instrumentation. The central idea is to execute instrumentation code only when its execution does not(More)
Nonislet cell tumor hypoglycemia (NICTH) is a rare cause of hypoglycemia. It is characterized by increased glucose utilization by tissues mediated by a tumor resulting in hypoglycemia. NICTH is usually seen in large mesenchymal tumors including tumors involving the GI tract. Here we will discuss a case, its pathophysiology, and recent advances in the(More)
Debugging is an important phase in the embedded software development cycle because of its high proportion in the overall cost in the product development. Debugging is difficult for real-time applications as such programs are time-sensitive and must meet deadlines in often a resource constrained environment. A common approach for real-time systems is to(More)
Runtime monitoring aims at analyzing the well-being of a system at run time in order to detect errors and steer the system towards a healthy behavior. Such monitoring is a complementary technique to other approaches for ensuring correctness, such as formal verification and testing. In time-triggered runtime monitoring, a monitor runs as a separate process(More)
Shewanella putrefaciens is a gram-negative, nonfermentative, oxidase positive, motile bacillus that produces hydrogen sulphide. It is found widely in the nature especially in marine environments. In some very rare cases Shewanella putrefaciens can be a human pathogen. It can produce a wide variety of clinical syndromes including bacteremia as well as skin(More)
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