Johnson Carroll

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This paper describes the first version of the Multilingual Central Repository, a lexical knowledge base developed in the framework of the MEANING project. Currently the MCR integrates into the EuroWordNet framework five local wordnets (including four versions of the English WordNet from Princeton), an upgraded version of the EuroWordNet Top Concept(More)
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a relatively new system designed to assist automobile drivers in maintaining a safe following distance. This paper proposes and validates a vision-based ACC system which uses a single camera to obtain the clearance distance between the preceding vehicle and the ACC vehicle. Pattern matching, with the aid of lane detection,(More)
In a previous paper the ethical nature of academic staff at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) was evaluated. Since engineering education research is flourishing world-wide a serious question was raised about staff adherence to basic ethical standards. An internal research programme was launched to evaluate staff’s ethical orientation using a survey based(More)
This paper proposes and validates a real-time on-road vehicle detection system, which uses a single camera for the purpose of intelligent driver assistance. A three-step vehicle detection framework is presented to detect and track the target vehicle within an image. In the first step, probable vehicle locations are hypothesized using pattern recognition.(More)
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