Johnny Wingstedt

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A typical experiment design within the field of music psychology is playing music to a test subject who listens and reacts – most often by verbal means. One limitation of this kind of test is the inherent difficulty of measuring an emotional reaction in a laboratory setting. This paper describes the design, functions and possible uses of the software tool(More)
A fundamental aspect of music is its ability to express emotions. To develop and extend the potential of music in computer entertainment, a deeper understanding of music's emotional aspects is essential. An experiment was designed to explore the suitability of a specially designed interface (REMUPP) as a means to investigate how musical parameters can(More)
New media offers new roles, functions and challenges to music, calling for new methods and tools for music research. To meet these increasingly important challenges. REMUPP, a new software tool for the investigation of relations between music and perceived properties or characteristies, was designed. The ideas behind REMUPP and the technology used to(More)
Over the last 10 years, the genre of the music videogame (or rhythm game) has become a staple of home videogame consoles, and has developed a strong presence in the arcade. In these games, the player is actively involved in the creation or playback of music or rhythm. The purpose of this poster is to firstly describe the genre of the music videogame,(More)
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