Johnny W. Wong

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A distributed virtual environment (DVE) is a shared virtual environment where multiple users at their workstations interact with each other over a network. Some of these systems may support a large number of users, for example, multiplayer online games. An important issue is how well the system scales as the number of users increases. In terms of(More)
Discrete simulation is a widely used technique for system performance evaluation. The conventional approach to discrete simulation (e.g., GPSS, Simscript) does not attempt to exploit the parallelism typically available in queueing network models. In this paper, a distributed approach to discrete simulation is presented. It involves the decomposition of a(More)
There are at least three levels where network access control should be exercised: the call level, the burst level and the cell level. These control levels have different time scales. The present paper is concerned primarily with the burst and cell level control. Our system consists of a number of input sources, each controlled by a leaky-bucket mechanism.(More)