Johnny T. Chang

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Hair exhibits strong anisotropic dynamic properties which demand distinct dynamic models for single strands and hair-hair interactions. While a single strand can be modeled as a multibody open chain expressed in generalized coordinates, modeling hair-hair interactions is a more difficult problem. A dynamic model for this purpose is proposed based on a(More)
We present methods for recovering surface height fields such as geometric details of 3D textures by incorporating shadow constraints. We introduce shadow graphs which give a new graph-based representation for shadow constraints. It can be shown that the shadow graph alone is sufficient to solve the shape-from-shadow problem from a dense set of images.(More)
This paper presents a novel approach for estimating the flow fields of dynamic temporal textures whose motion differs radically from that of rigid bodies. Our approach is based on a local flow probability distribution function at each pixel using the STAR model and the data from a spatio-temporal neighborhood. The peak of this density function can be(More)
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