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Drosophila melanogaster cell lines are important resources for cell biologists. Here, we catalog the expression of exons, genes, and unannotated transcriptional signals for 25 lines. Unannotated transcription is substantial (typically 19% of euchromatic signal). Conservatively, we identify 1405 novel transcribed regions; 684 of these appear to be new exons(More)
Animal transcriptomes are dynamic, with each cell type, tissue and organ system expressing an ensemble of transcript isoforms that give rise to substantial diversity. Here we have identified new genes, transcripts and proteins using poly(A)+ RNA sequencing from Drosophila melanogaster in cultured cell lines, dissected organ systems and under environmental(More)
Mobile ad hoc networks are characterized by multi-hop wireless links, absence of any fixed networking infrastructure , and a dynamic network topology. Routing protocols for such networks typically use exchanges of control packets , either at fixed intervals of time or in response to a requirement , to adapt to the changing network topology. Balancing the(More)
27 and manual adjustment. Phylogenetic analyses were performed using the PHYLIP phylogeny inference package version 3.572. Distance matrices were generated using the DNADIST program with the Jukes±Cantor distance measure. Using S. castellii as the outgroup, rooted phylogenetic trees, based on the ITS1 and the COX2 sequences, were constructed by using the(More)
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