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The treatment of bifurcation lesions (BLs) is associated with high procedural complication and restenosis rates. Two techniques of BL interventions were compared: the simultaneous kissing stents (SKS) technique, involving 2 stents, 1 in the main vessel and 1 in the side branch (n = 100), and the conventional stent strategy (CSS) technique, involving a stent(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE This study aimed to identify predictors of acute mortality after intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), including voxel-wise analysis of hematoma location. METHODS In 282 consecutive patients with acute ICH, clinical and radiological predictors of acute mortality were identified. Voxel-based lesion-symptom mapping examined spatial(More)
— There is no such thing as a disembodied mind. We posit that cognitive development can only occur through interaction with the physical world. To this end, we are developing a robotic platform for the purpose of studying cognition. We suggest that the central component of cognition is a memory which is primarily associative, one where learning occurs as(More)
The use of a tri-substituted acylhydrazine as an isostere of a tertiary amide was explored in a series of HCV NS5B thumb site II inhibitors. Direct replacement generated an analog with similar conformational and physicochemical properties. The series was extended to produce compounds with potent binding affinities and encouraging levels of cellular potency.
Glomerulopathy is a rare form of paraneoplastic disease. We present the second reported case of paraneoplastic glomerulopathy due to a retroperitoneal sarcoma. The patient presented with generalized edema and nephrotic syndrome. CT scan showed two large retroperitoneal masses. One large retroperitoneal mass was resected. Post-operatively, she developed(More)
  • Johnny Lee
  • 2002
Pharmacologic treatment has been used for decades for conversion and prevention of recurrent atrial fibrillation (AF). But the use of antiarrhythmic drugs is associated with substantial side effects and mortality in some patients. Accordingly, it is not surprising that nonpharmacologic techniques have been developed for the management of AF, including the(More)
Since the first synthesis of trifluoromethyl ethers in 1935, the trifluoromethoxy (OCF3) group has made a remarkable impact in medicinal, agrochemical, and materials science research. However, our inability to facilely incorporate the OCF3 group into molecules, especially heteroaromatics, has limited its potential across a broad spectrum of technological(More)
The exploration of novel inhibitors of the HCV NS4B protein that are based on a 2-oxadiazoloquinoline scaffold is described. Optimization to incorporate activity across genotypes led to a potent new series with broad activity, of which inhibitor 1 displayed the following EC50 values: 1a, 0.08 nM; 1b, 0.10 nM; 2a, 3 nM; 2b, 0.6 nM, 3a, 3.7 nM; 4a, 0.9 nM;(More)
Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR in 2014 ushered in a new era of consumer virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs). Converging technological advancements in small, high-resolution displays and motion-detection devices propelled VR beyond the purview of high-tech research laboratories and into the mainstream. However, technological hurdles still remain.(More)