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Protein degradation in eukaryotes often requires the ubiquitin-selective chaperone p97 for substrate recruitment and ubiquitin-chain assembly. However, the physiological relevance of p97, and its role in developmental processes, remain unclear. Here, we discover an unanticipated function for CDC-48/p97 in myosin assembly and myofibril organization, both in(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis ArfA (Rv0899) is a membrane protein encoded by an operon that is required for supporting bacterial growth in acidic environments. Its C-terminal domain (C domain) shares significant sequence homology with the OmpA-like family of peptidoglycan-binding domains, suggesting that its physiological function in acid stress protection may(More)
OBJECTIVES Erectile dysfunction (ED) and androgen deficiency in aging men are two separate clinical entities that often overlap. Controversy exists regarding the most appropriate total testosterone level that defines androgen deficiency in aging men, and its prevalence in men with ED is still uncertain. We evaluated the prevalence and risk factors of low(More)
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