Johnny Chi-Yang Wu

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The authors examined life stress and self-efficacy as predictors of time to relapse for 113 adults with comorbid major depressive disorder and alcohol and/or substance dependence in a randomized clinical trial comparing 2 psychotherapy interventions (integrated cognitive- behavioral therapy and 12-step facilitation therapy). Life stress, self-efficacy, and(More)
In many databases, biocuration primarily involves literature curation, which usually involves retrieving relevant articles, extracting information that will translate into annotations and identifying new incoming literature. As the volume of biological literature increases, the use of text mining to assist in biocuration becomes increasingly relevant. A(More)
The hydration free energy, structure, and dynamics of the zinc divalent cation are studied using a polarizable force field in molecular dynamics simulations. Parameters for the Zn(2+) are derived from gas-phase ab initio calculation of Zn(2+)-water dimer. The Thole-based dipole polarization is adjusted based on the Constrained Space Orbital Variations(More)
Effective virtual screening relies on our ability to make accurate prediction of protein-ligand binding, which remains a great challenge. In this work, utilizing the molecular-mechanics Poisson-Boltzmann (or Generalized Born) surface area approach, we have evaluated the binding affinity of a set of 156 ligands to seven families of proteins, trypsin β,(More)
The accurate prediction of the secondary and tertiary structure of an RNA with different folding algorithms is dependent on several factors, including the energy functions. However, an RNA higher-order structure cannot be predicted accurately from its sequence based on a limited set of energy parameters. The inter- and intramolecular forces between this RNA(More)
Patient discharge summaries provide detailed medical information about individuals who have been hospitalized. To make a precise and legitimate assessment of the abundant data, a proper time layout of the sequence of relevant events should be compiled and used to drive a patient-specific timeline, which could further assist medical personnel in making(More)
OBJECTIVE Patient discharge summaries provide detailed medical information about hospitalized patients and are a rich resource of data for clinical record text mining. The textual expressions of this information are highly variable. In order to acquire a precise understanding of the patient, it is important to uncover the relationship between all instances(More)
Researchers are finding it more and more difficult to follow the changing status of disease candidate genes due to the exponential increase in gene mapping studies. The Text-mined Hypertension, Obesity and Diabetes candidate gene database (T-HOD) is developed to help trace existing research on three kinds of cardiovascular diseases: hypertension, obesity(More)
A high proportion of life science researches are gene-oriented, in which scientists aim to investigate the roles that genes play in biological processes, and their involvement in biological mechanisms. As a result, gene names and their related information turn out to be one of the main objects of interest in biomedical literatures. While the capability of(More)
We present here a recent development of a generalized coarse-grained model for use in molecular simulations. In this model, interactions between coarse-grained particles consist of both van der Waals and explicit electrostatic components. As a result, the coarse-grained model offers the transferability that is lacked by most current effective-potential(More)