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In the early 1980s, nitrogen (N) deposition was first postulated as a cause of N saturation and spruce mortality across the northeastern US. In 1988, a series of high elevation spruce-fir forest N addition plots were established on Mt. Ascutney (southeastern) Vermont to test this hypothesis. The paired plots each received, in addition to ambient N(More)
The nervous system in patients with cerebro-hepato-renal syndrome appeared to be affected at various tissue levels. There was evidence of a migrational disorder manifested by polymicrogyria and lack of normal neuronal maturation. There was dysmyelination of the white matter associated with accumulation of neutral fat in astrocytes. Within the peripheral(More)
In the Piedmont of North Carolina, a traditionally water-rich region, reservoirs that serve over 1 million people are under increasing pressure due to naturally occurring droughts and increasing land development. Innovative development approaches aim to maintain hydrologic conditions of the undisturbed landscape, but are based on insufficient target(More)
Three patients with spastic neurogenic bladder underwent sacral root stimulation and appropriate section of motor rootlets to the detrusor at the levels of the conus medullaris. Compared to the results obtained with rhizotomies at the sacral levels in a previous series of patients, urinary frequency and infection were inhibited for longer periods of time,(More)
The present report describes the neuropathological change found in the brainstem of four patients who were treated with combined chemotherapy for various types of malignant disease. The change consists of localized axonal swellings, the so-called "axonal spheroids" located predominantly in the medial lemniscus, the fibers from the olivary nuclei and around(More)
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