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An anecdotal series of nine patients (three men and six women with an average age of 57 years) presented with progressive neurologic deterioration while on medical therapy for large right hemispheric cerebral infarction. Clinical signs of uncal herniation (anisocoria or fixed and dilated pupils, and/or left hemiplegia with right decerebrate posturing) were(More)
OBJECT Use of orbital rim and orbitozygomatic osteotomy has been extensively reported to increase exposure in neurosurgical procedures. However, there have been few attempts to quantify the extent of additional exposure gained by these maneuvers. Using a novel laboratory technique, the authors have attempted to measure the increase in the "area of exposure"(More)
The microcirculatory anatomy of the hamster tibialis anterior muscle is based on modules (units) consisting of groups of 12-20 capillaries which run parallel to muscle fibers. The units are supplied by a common terminal arteriole and drained by a common terminal venule; a single terminal arteriole commonly supplies two microvascular units or a "unit pair."(More)
  • Johnny B. Delashaw, T. S. Park, Wayne M. Cail, Dennis G. Vollmer
  • 1987
Simple meningoceles are infrequent forms of dysraphism and are often benign. They have been associated with other spinal anomalies. The uncommon cervical meningocele may have a higher propensity to be associated with other spinal anomalies. Four patients with cervical meningocele are presented with radiographic evaluation and clinical course. Multiple(More)
OBJECT The purpose of this study was to evaluate the far-lateral transcondylar transtubercular approach (complete FLA) based on quantitative measurements of the exposure of the foramen magnum and petroclival area obtained after each successive step of this approach. METHODS The complete FLA was reproduced in eight specially prepared cadaveric heads (a(More)
Premature closure of the metopic suture results in a deformity ranging from a minor variation to a severe cosmetic deformity. The three principal abnormalities comprising metopic synostosis are trigonocephaly secondary to the restriction of growth of both frontal bones, deficient lateral supraorbital rims, and hypotelorism. Seventeen of 18 patients(More)
OBJECT The authors conducted a cadaveric anatomical study to quantify and compare the area of surgical exposure and the freedom available for instrument manipulation provided by the following four surgical approaches to the extracranial periclival region: simple transoral (STO), transoral with a palate split (TOPS), Le Fort I osteotomy (LFO), and median(More)
OBJECT Pituitary adenomas represent a large proportion of brain tumors that are increasing in incidence because of improved imaging techniques. Headache is the primary symptom in patients with large tumors (macroadenomas), but is also a symptom in patients with small tumors (microadenomas, tumors < 1.0 cm). The prevalence and optimal treatment of headaches(More)
New criteria that define acromegaly remission are more stringent: normal (age/sex-adjusted) insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1), growth hormone (GH) random (GHr) <1 μg/L, and a GH nadir (GHn) during oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) of <0.4 μg/L. Discordance between GH and IGF-1 values is often attributed to somatostatin receptor ligands (SRLs) or(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical presentation, operative findings, and surgical management of patients with spontaneous middle fossa encephalocele (SMFE) and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage repaired using a middle fossa craniotomy (MFC) approach. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective. SETTING Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Fifteen consecutive patients(More)