Johnny A. Johnson

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Acinar-to-ductal metaplasia in the pancreas is associated with an increased risk for tumorigenesis. Molecular dissection of this process in vitro has shown that primary acinar cells, in response to EGF receptor ligands, can transdifferentiate into duct-like epithelia, passing through a nestin-positive intermediate, in a Notch pathway-dependent manner. Here,(More)
Four groups of behavioral scientists with divergent theoretical persuasions--43 sociobiologists, 25 behaviorists, 35 personality psychologists, and 16 human developmentalists--showed significantly different mean scores on two measures of philosophical assumptions: the World Hypothesis Scale (WHS) and the Organicism-Mechanism Paradigm Inventory (OMPI). The(More)
This project examined risk factors (lifestyle, socio-economic and cultural) for Type 2 diabetes among 890 women in rural Jamaica in comparison to national and international trends via the Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and further analysis via the Kruskal Wallis and Mann-Whitney U tests. Nonparametric tests explored the relationship of(More)
Examined the effectiveness of specific psychoeducational tutoring methods on achievement in reading, self-esteem, auding, and verbal language, Ss (N = 132) were youths and adults reading below fifth level who volunteered to participate in an adult tutorial project. After the assessment of entry level achievement, Ss received psychoeducational tutoring.(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess pharmacists' attitudes toward diabetes, to evaluate the measurement properties of the Diabetes Attitude Scale (DAS) in a sample of pharmacists, and to estimate the number and attitudes of pharmacists certified as diabetes educators (CDE). DESIGN Mail survey. SETTING/PARTICIPANTS A systematic sample of 522 hospital, community, and(More)
With rapid advances in technology and an emphasis in efficiency in psychological testing, there is a need to investigate the relation between a computerized cognitive examination and a traditional individually administered intelligence test. The current study provided correlations of intelligence scores from MicroCog: Assessment of Cognitive Functioning and(More)
Let R ⊆ T be an extension of commutative rings (with the same 1). We say that R ⊆ T has FIP if the set of R-subalgebras of T is finite. If R ⊆ T has FIP, then T must be algebraic over R; if, in addition, R is a field, then T is a finite-dimensional R-vector space. If R ⊆ T has FIP and T is an integral domain, then either R and T are fields or T is an(More)
We introduce the concept of small cofinite irreducibles in Noetherian lattice modules and obtain several characterizations of this property. 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification. 06F10, 06F05. Let L be a multiplicative lattice and let M be an L-module with greatest element M . Recall from [5] that for an elementa of L, Rad(a)=∨{x ∈ L | xn ≤ a for some(More)
Identification of obese persons likely to benefit from weight reduction programs presents considerable difficulty. Neither biological (e.g., adipose cellularity) nor psychological (e.g., MMPI profiles) measures thus far have been shown to differentiate reliably between those who do and those who do not lose weight in such programs. Fifteen obese persons(More)