Johnnatan Messias

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Search systems in online social media sites are frequently used to find information about ongoing events and people. For topics with multiple competing perspectives, such as political events or political candidates, bias in the top ranked results significantly shapes public opinion. However, bias does not emerge from an algorithm alone. It is important to(More)
Recently, there have been considerable efforts to use online data to investigate international migration. These efforts show that Web data are valuable for estimating migration rates and are relatively easy to obtain. However, existing studies have only investigated flows of people along migration corridors, i.e. between pairs of countries. In our work, we(More)
On most online social media sites today, user-generated data remains accessible to allowed viewers unless and until the data owner changes her privacy preferences. In this paper , we present a large-scale measurement study focussed on understanding how users control the longitudinal exposure of their publicly shared data on social media sites. Our study,(More)
Currently available data about people whose left their home country to live in a foreign country does not adequately capture the standards of contemporary global migration flows. A new trend for migration studies is to study the data from the Internet, either by Social Networks or other data in the WEB. In this study, we collected users data from the social(More)
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