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OBJECTIVES To examine the public health impact of mass vaccination with live attenuated human rotavirus vaccine (RIX4414) in a birth cohort in India, and to estimate the cost effectiveness and affordability of such a programme. DESIGN Decision analytical Markov model encompassing all direct medical costs. Infection risk and severity depended on age,(More)
BACKGROUND Approximately one-third of those treated curatively for colorectal cancer (CRC) will experience recurrence. No evidence-based consensus exists on how best to follow patients after initial treatment to detect asymptomatic recurrence. Here, a new approach for simulating surveillance and recurrence among CRC survivors is outlined, and development(More)
Boundary objects in participatory group processes help participants share their understanding of systems across disciplinary and social boundaries. We report development of a series of boundary objects in a group model building project in which stakeholders and modelers constructed agent-based models (ABMs) of health care seeking and delivery. We propose(More)
BACKGROUND The survival benefits of colon cancer surveillance programs are well delineated, but less is known about the magnitude of false positive testing. The objective of this study was to estimate the false positive rate and positive predictive value of testing as part of a surveillance program based on national guidelines, and to estimate the degree of(More)
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