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Reminiscing is a valuable activity that people of all ages spontaneously and informally partake in as part of their everyday lives. This paper discusses the design and use of Pensieve, a system that supports everyday reminiscence by emailing memory triggers to people that contain either social media content they previously created on third-party websites or(More)
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The increasing popularity of applications that share location information over the internet enables the mapping of people's pictures and activities. Such applications often focus on the now, ignoring the importance of places and stories from the past. Inspired by recent work in HCI around reminiscing, in this paper we present a study in which 16 people used(More)
Informal interactions are a key element of workgroup communication, but have proven difficult to support in distributed groups. One reason for this is that existing systems have focused either on novel means for gathering information about the availability or activity of others, or on allowing people to display their activities to others. There has not been(More)
This paper discusses the design and use of Pensieve, a system that prompts people to reminisce through emails containing either social media content or text prompts about common life situations. We discuss how existing research on reminiscence informed design goals and tradeoffs in the creation of Pensieve, then analyze data collected from 72 people's use(More)
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