Johnathan Zelen

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OBJECTIVE To demonstrate the application of tattooing for the intraoperative localization of posterior wall gastric leiomyoma during laparoscopic resection. The preoperative injection of Indian ink in the tumor-bearing area of the posterior gastric wall eliminates the need to perform anterior wall gastrostomy or intraoperative upper endoscopic tumor(More)
Thoracic ectopia cordis is a rare congenital defect most often seen in association with sternal and congenital heart defects. Surgical correction of these defects is complex and generally requires a staged closure including (1) coverage of the "naked heart," (2) placement of the heart into the thoracic cavity, and (3) sternal or thoracic reconstruction.(More)
Renal cell carcinoma is known to invade the inferior vena cava and may extend its entire length. Profound hypothermic circulatory arrest has been demonstrated to be a very effective technique to facilitate removal of tumor thrombus from the cava while limiting the amount of blood loss. We describe an innovative method of ensuring complete removal of tumor(More)
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