Johnathan Turner

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In this paper we discuss our efforts in Soundscape Information Retrieval (SIR). Computational soundscape analysis is a key research component in the Citygram Project which is built on a cyber-physical system that includes a scalable robust sensor network, remote sensing devices (RSD), spatio-acoustic visualization formats, as well as software tools for(More)
Noise pollution is one of the most serious quality-of-life issues in urban environments. In New York City (NYC), for example, more than 80% of complaints1 registered with NYC’s 311 phone line2 are noise complaints. Noise is not just a nuisance to city dwellers as its negative implications go far beyond the issue of quality-of-life; it contributes to(More)
This paper presents an exploration platform for locative sonification based on audio feature vectors extracted from urban spaces. Our locative sonification research is part of a larger project called Citygram[17]. Citygram focuses on geospatial research that is concerend with automatically collecting, visualizing, analyzing, and mapping nonocular energies(More)
This paper presents an interactive exploration platform and toolset for spatial, big-data auditory display. The exploration platform is part of the Citygram project, which focuses on geospatial research through a cyber-physical system that automatically streams, analyzes, and maps urban environmental acoustic energies. Citygram currently concentrates on(More)
Charge transport is a central issue in all types of organic electronic devices. In organic films, charge transport is crucially limited by film microstructure and the nature of the substrate/organic interface interactions. In this report, we discuss the influence of active layer thickness on space-charge limited hole transport in pristine polymer and(More)
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