Johnathan Said

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PURPOSE We evaluated the utility of a thulium laser and a novel implementation of its use for laparoscopic partial nephrectomy to achieve precise, smokeless, and hemostatic dissection without hilar clamping and with minimal charring in a porcine model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Laparoscopic transperitoneal lower-pole partial nephrectomy was performed in five(More)
The incineration of solid waste produces large quantities of bottom and fly ash. Landfilling has been the primary mode of disposal of these waste materials. Shortage in landfill space and the high cost of treatment have, however, prompted the search for alternative uses of these waste materials. This study presents an experimental program that was conducted(More)
The effect of feedback control on the criterion for the onset of Marangoni convection in a horizontal micropolar fluid layer is studied theoretically. The upper free surface is assumed to be non-deformable and the lower boundary is taken to be rigid and isothermal with fixed temperature and span-vanishing boundaries. A linear stability analysis is used and(More)
The diagnosis of mantle zone lymphoma is sometimes difficult to make solely on the basis of morphology because the mantle zone pattern may be present in other disorders such as benign mantle zone hyperplasia, follicular center cell (FCC) lymphomas, and Castleman disease. To distinguish mantle zone lymphoma from the other disorders mentioned previously, the(More)
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