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Industry presented a methodology for updating the NRC's seismic analysis for examining beyond design basis accidents in spent fuel pools, at an NRC public meeting, April 13, 1999, on risk informing decommissioning regulations. NRC requested a description of the methodology and requested that industry complete the analysis using the updated seismic(More)
Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) was determined in blood serum of 110 patients with sarcoidosis and 80 healthy persons. Taking into account the advancement of pulmonary changes as well as disease activity the behaviour of this enzyme was estimated. It was found that ACE activity is significantly higher in patients with sarcoidosis than in control group.(More)
Some difficulties etiological diagnosis were presented in an example of two clinical cases. In the first patient with exudative pericarditis tuberculosis was determined in histopathological examination of lymph node (caseous necrosis). After antituberculotic treatment the majority of clinical symptoms was disappeared. In the second patient with chronic(More)
It was determined that in the serum of TB patients, the factor (beta-lipoprotein) was present, lowering/modulating the ability of T lymphocyte rosette formation with SRBC. It was also found that in normal sera a factor is present which restores rosette formation with T lymphocytes from TB patients. The reaction of rosette inhibition factor and rosette(More)
Counts of T and B lymphocytes were made in the peripheral blood from patients with active and inactive pulmonary tuberculosis and in healthy subjects. In patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis the numbers of T cells were significantly lower than in the controls. After treatment for two months, if the patient's condition improved the percentage of T(More)
59 patients with non-small cell lung cancer were treated with cisplatin (60 mg/m2) on day 1 and etoposide (60 mg/m2) on days 1-5. The results of the treatment were evaluated after 4th course. Remissions were seen in 27 patients, 17 patients had stabilization and 15-progression. The response rate in stages I and II was 70%, in stage III-40% and in stage(More)