John Zielinski

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In cell line studies, BCL-2, BAX, as well as novel MEK1 protein levels have strong influence on ovarian cancer response to cisplatin-based chemotherapy. However, such associations have not been demonstrated clinically. We evaluated prognostic/predictive significance of these proteins with regard to TP53 status. Immunohistochemical analysis was performed on(More)
ERBB2 expression has been found in 19 to 44% of ovarian carcinomas; however, its predictive value has not been demonstrated, and trastuzumab has not found clinical application in ovarian cancer patients. We evaluated clinical significance of ERBB2 expression in relation to TP53 accumulation in ovarian carcinoma patients treated with platinum-based regimens.(More)
The amyloid precursor protein (APP) undergoes a variety of modifications through enzymatic cleavage leading to the formation of pro-Alzheimer's disease (AD) and anti-AD biologically active peptides. One such cleavage product, APP ΔC31 results from the caspase cleavage of the full length APP protein (APP695) at amino acid Asp664 as well as the concomitant(More)
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