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In many classification tasks, the use of expert-labeled data for training is often prohibitively expensive. The use of weakly-labeled data is an attractive solution but raises the problem of label noise. Multiple instance learning, whereby training samples are “bagged” instead of treated as singletons, offers a possible approach to mitigating(More)
Pennsylvania. His work focuses on the productivity of information technology investments and the economics of electronic business. He received his Ph.D. in Management from MIt and his Sc.B. and Sc.M. in electrical engineering from Brown University. He is currently serving as the co-departmental editor for information systems at Management Science and is on(More)
—The welding process is typically uncertain and its dynamics may vary with welding conditions. To control this process, robust algorithms such as the interval model control proposed by Zhang and Kovacevic (1997) are needed. To improve the response speed and system performance, the authors developed an adap-tive interval model control system for keyhole(More)
Classification of web-based videos is an important task with many applications in video search and ads targeting. However, collecting labeled data needed for classifier training may be prohibitively expensive. Semi-supervised learning provides a possible solution whereby inexpensive but noisy weakly-labeled data is used instead. In this paper, we explore an(More)
We present a real-time system for the reconstruction of shape and motion from an arbitrarily long sequence of single-scanline images. With this system, experiments on reconstruction can be run eeortlessly and make it possible to explore the delicate sensitivity aspects of the problem in an empirical fashion. We identify three singular values of a certain(More)
A procedure is proposed that, given any rotating device to support a camera, places the camera's center of projection to within a tenth of a millimeter from the axis of the rotating device, even with wide angle lenses with severe distortion. Results are experimentally validated by checking that all the camera projection centers as computed through an(More)
A resampling procedure based on Efron's bootstrap method is proposed for the robust estimation of parameters from redundant data. The procedure handles a substantial fraction of outliers, has linear complexity even for superlinear estimation problems, can be applied to any parameter estimation algorithm without modification, and is easily parallelized. The(More)
Post-surgical adhesion formation has numerous deleterious side effects in a wide variety of surgical settings. Physical barriers used together with laparoscopy were developed to reduce tissue trauma seen with open procedures. However, despite surgeons' meticulous techniques and the use of such barriers, adhesion formation remains a serious clinical problem,(More)