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Health practitioners in the primary care setting often assess and manage patients on warfarin therapy. This article discusses new trends in oral anticoagulation and the latest indications for warfarin use. Patient management and education guidelines to improve patient care and compliance with warfarin therapy are reviewed. Results of a 19-month evaluative,(More)
We investigate the kinetics and thermodynamics of DNA origami dimerization using flat rectangle origami components and different architectures of Watson-Crick complementary single-stranded DNA ("sticky end") linking strategies. We systematically vary the number of linkers, the length of the sticky ends on the linker, and linker architecture and measure the(More)
Within cells, nanostructures are often organized using local assembly rules that produce long-range order. Because these rules can take into account the cell's current structure and state, they can enable complexes, organelles or cytoskeletal structures to assemble around existing cellular components to form architectures. Although many methods for(More)
The demonstration of patient case reports in the course of a clinical round is an essential part of teaching medicine and dentistry. However, suitable live patients with particular problems are not always available at a time when teaching is taking place. This project therefore had the objective of establishing a web-based, virtual e-learning concept for(More)
Like protein folding and crystallization, the self-assembly of complexes is a fundamental form of biomolecular organization. While the number of methods for creating synthetic complexes is growing rapidly, most require empirical tuning of assembly conditions and/or produce low yields. We use coarse-grained simulations of the assembly kinetics of complexes(More)
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