John Z. Smith

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This paper proposes genetic algorithms (GAs) for path planning and trajectory planning of an autonomous mobile robot. Our GA-based approach has an advantage of adaptivity such that the GAs work even if an environment is time-varying or unknown. Therefore, it is suitable for both off-line and on-line motion planning. We first presents a GA for path planning(More)
This paper is the consensus of a workshop that critically evaluated the utility and problems of video playbacks as stimuli in studies of visual behavior. We suggest that video playback is probably suitable for studying motion, shape, texture, size, and brightness. Studying color is problematic because video systems are specifically designed for humans. Any(More)
Previous work demonstrates that memory for simple stimuli can be biased by information about the distribution of which the stimulus is a member. Specifically, people underestimate values greater than the distribution's average and overestimate values smaller than the average. This is referred to as the central tendency bias. This bias has been explained as(More)
Names are important in many societies, even in technologically oriented ones which use e.g. ID systems to identify individual people. Names such as surnames are the most important as they are used in many processes, such as identifying of people and genealogical research. On the other hand variation of names can be a major problem for the identification and(More)
Providing such assistance has been the dominant strategy for combating poverty in the United States for many years. Yet it has been remarkably unsuccessful. There is no state where a welfare check will raise a four-person family above the g o v e rn m e n t ’s official poverty line ($18,104 in 2001). Add in the fact that the official poverty lineis a pretty(More)
Health information, provided through the Internet, has recently received attention from consumers and healthcare providers as an efficient method of motivating people to get screened for colorectal cancer (CRC). In this study, the primary purpose was to investigate the extent to which consumers were better educated about CRC screening information because of(More)
This study estimates the effects of Personal Financial Management Course attendance and enrollment assistance using a natural experiment in the U.S. Army. New enlistees’ course attendance reduces the probability of having credit account balances, average balances, delinquencies, and adverse legal actions in the first year after the course, but it has no(More)
We had trial broadcast for a university graduation ceremony with telepresence. One of the graduates carried a laptop computer with a camera with him, and we broadcast the video image from the camera on the Internet. The audience on the network experienced telepresence at the graduation ceremoney. We report our experiment system configuration and the(More)