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BACKGROUND There are limited data comparing the prognosis and fertility outcomes of the patients with early cervical cancer treated by trans-vaginal radical trachelectomy (VRT) or abdominal radical trachelectomy (ART).The objective of this study was to compare the surgical and pathologic characteristics, the prognosis and fertility outcomes of the patients(More)
A new species, Triplophysa huapingensis, is described from the Hongshuihe River, Guangxi, China. The new species is distinguished from other species of Triplophysa by the following combination of characters: body covered with scales, lateral line complete, eyes not degenerate, dorsal fin truncate, caudal fin forked, tip of pelvic fin not reaching anus,(More)
—We develop methods of using boreal, temperate, and tropical forests as vicarious calibration sites for spaceborne microwave radiometers. The extended sites and improved calibration techniques enable examining warm-scene performances as a complement to cold scenes over the ocean, providing information about scan-dependent biases, detecting and correcting(More)
This study used solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance techniques to characterize the chemical compositions of DOM from various sources and thereby explore the linkages of river DOM to its potential point and nonpoint sources. DOM samples were isolated from two streams draining watersheds of different land uses, landfill leachates of two ages, sequential(More)
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