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Inhabited television combines collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) with broadcast television so that on-line audiences can participate in television shows within shared virtual worlds. We describe a series of experiments with inhabited television, beginning with the NOWninety6 poetry performance, The Mirror, and Heaven & Hell—Live. These(More)
Inhabited TV combines collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) with broadcast TV so that on-line audiences can participate in TV shows within shared virtual worlds. Three early experiments with inhabited TV raised fundamental questions concerning the extent to which it is possible to establish fast-pace social interaction within a CVE and produce a(More)
This paper presents a paradigm, called ShapeShifting TV, for the realisation of interactive TV narratives or, more generally, of interactive screen-media narratives. These are productions whose narrations respond on the fly (i.e. in real time) to interaction from active viewers. ShapeShifting TV refers to productions made mainly with pre-recorded time-based(More)
In this paper we describe and analyse the community building process for <italic>Ages of Avatar,</italic> a set of on-line Collaborative Virtual Environments created in Microsoft<italic>Virtual Worlds,</italic> which form part of an ongoing experiment in Inhabited Television, aiming to merge CVEs and broadcast media. We describe the means by which the CVEs(More)
This article is motivated by the opportunity presented by recent advances in information and communication technology&#8212;particularly by faster broadband connections and faster digital media processing capabilities&#8212;for interactive television to extend and develop <i>interactive storytelling</i> or <i>interactive narratives</i>. This will give(More)
ShapeShifting TV denotes an approach to interactive television programmes that can adapt during delivery to the preferences of the active viewers. ShapeShifting TV is based on a declarative language called Narrative Structure Language (NSL) and is accompanied by a set of genre and production independent authoring and delivery tools. ShapeShifting TV was(More)
“Inhabited Television” combines multiuser virtual environments with television, so that online audience-members can participate in TV shows staged in a virtual world. It is presented simultaneously both to conventional passive viewers and to online participants. In many cases it benefits from being broadcast live. This paper is based on our fourth major(More)
INTRODUCTION Inhabited TV involves the public deployment of collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) so that on-line audiences can participate in TV shows within shared virtual worlds. This extends traditional broadcast TV and more recent interactive TV by enabling social interaction among participants and by offering them new forms of control over(More)
This document forms Deliverable D7a.1 of the eRENA project of the i3 schema of the ESPRIT-IV research action of the European Communities. eRENA is concerned with the development of electronic arenas for culture, art, performance and entertainment in which the general citizen of the European Community might actively participate supported by advanced(More)