John Wyn Jones

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We describe a retrospective case series of postanginal sepsis and Lemierre's syndrome (LS) identified from laboratory records of Fusobacterium necrophorum isolates and from clinical case note review. Some patients presented with sore throat, tonsillitis, quinsy or a septicaemic illness, whereas others presented with symptoms related to metastatic septic(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the time course for the onset of, and recovery from, acute hypoglycemia in healthy subjects. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Eight healthy male volunteers were studied on 2 occasions in random order using a hyperinsulinemic (1.5 mU x kg(-1) x min(-1)) glucose clamp technique. During control studies, euglycemia (5.01 +/- 0.02 mmol/l) was(More)
The molecular basis of the three major alleles (Fy(a)/Fy(b)/Fy) of the Duffy (FY) blood group system has recently been established but the Fy(x) phenotype associated with weak expression of the Fy(b) and other FY antigens is poorly understood. In the Fy(x) genes of five unrelated British and Swedish donors with the Fy(a+b+weak) phenotype we found two(More)
Background. The underlying risk associated with visceral mesh erosion is the close opposition of adjacent intestines to the prosthetic graft. This highly morbid condition has been described with most types and techniques of abdominal wall mesh repair. Patient. We report the case of a 52-year-old man who presented with an entero-colocutaneous fistula 10(More)
An outbreak of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) involving 88 patients in a general urology ward is described. Symptomatic bacteraemia and epididymo-orchitis occurred in 10 and 8% of patients respectively. Patients had a particularly high risk of acquiring serious MRSA infection after endoscopic neodymium yttrium aluminium garnet (Nd:YAG)(More)
Spigelian hernias (SHs) are rarely observed among children. The diagnosis is not difficult to make once it has been considered. The condition requires a high index of suspicion because of its high potential for life-threatening complications. A 12-year-old boy underwent open appendectomy for presumed acute appendicitis. A normal appendix found at laparotomy(More)
The D antigen is a mosaic comprising at least 30 epitopes. Partial Rh D phenotypes occur when there is absence of one or more of these epitopes, with the remainder expressed. The DVI phenotype is the most common of the partial D phenotypes, lacking most D antigen epitopes (ep D) (epD1, 2, 5-8 using the 9-epitope model or epD 1-4, 7-22, 26-29 using the(More)
We have used rabbit polyclonal antisera raised against synthetic peptides complementary to different domains of the Rh polypeptides and Rh glycoprotein to examine the topography and organization of these proteins in the human erythrocyte membrane. Previously unrecognized exofacial protease sites have been identified on Rh CcEe, D proteins, and Rh(More)
We have used a panel of well-characterized monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) to examine the blood cells of a patient with a novel form of congenital dyserythropoietic anemia (CDA) characterized by intra-erythroblastic and intra-erythrocytic membranous inclusions. Twelve antibodies defining three nonoverlapping epitope groups on the extracellular domain of CD44(More)
Traumatic hernia resulting from blunt impalement of the abdominal wall, known as "handlebar hernia," is seldom addressed in the surgical literature, with only 28 previously reported cases. We describe our experience with this rare traumatic hernia diagnosed by physical examination and confirmed by ultrasonography. Published reports suggest handlebar(More)