John Woollard

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Chronic liver disease is a world-wide problem that causes progressive hepatic fibrosis as a hallmark of progressive injury. At present, the gold standard for diagnosing hepatic fibrosis is liver biopsy, which is an invasive method with many limitations, including questionable accuracy and risks of complications. MR elastography (MRE), a phase-contrast MRI(More)
Computational thinking is at the heart of the new English national curriculum for computing. There is a range of academic and pedagogic interpretations of the concept of computational thinking, a lack of understanding of the concepts and a close association of the subject with writing computer code using a programming language. Teachers might focus on a(More)
—This paper provides a literature review of the popular theories and models of technology acceptance of relevance to today's technology developments in the 4E context. The original technology acceptance model (TAM) was derived from the theory of reasoned action and has since been developed and extended to includefactors of age, gender, prior experience,(More)
Social media is lauded as a powerful tool for informal learning, and a tool of choice for teenagers. This paper reports on the findings of a survey of 384 secondary school pupils in the UK (aged 11-17) over a 12 week period. Our findings indicate a pervasiveness of social media usage amongst this age group, but variety in the types of engagement and(More)
The research project is a case study focussing on the use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) implemented to increase the use of information and communication technology (ICT) by university teachers in Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. The study aims to investigate the effect of the VLE as the vehicle for a training course in ICT designed to improve the(More)
— This paper examines the potential of wiki technology as an e-learning tool in Al-Baha University, Saudi Arabia with a random sample in two colleges: science and education. 24 male students participated in this survey. The data is collected through interviewer-administered questionnaires with 16 questions divided into four axes. The data is analysed to(More)
Programming has been cited as a barrier for female students to enjoy and pursue computing as a career or at higher education. However, there are examples of good practice, which demonstrate that programming can act as a bridge rather than a barrier. As a result of surveying 103 students and interviewing 60 students from 3 different UK higher education(More)
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