John Woodbury

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This paper reports on the implication of different preferred learning styles on students' performance in the introductory programming sequence and on work in progress on how to accommodate these different styles.Students were given a learning styles preference test and then their preferred learning styles were compared to their performance on the exam and(More)
I first met William Vickrey in Narita Airport outside Tokyo in 1992. He was on his way back to the United States from China, where, in typical Vickrey fashion, he was using novel theoretical ideas to advise a government about its economic policy, hoping to make life better for large numbers of people. I took the chance to approach him and introduce myself.(More)
In 1993, the first year class in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth totalled just 93 students. This year it is 190. In line with most universities in the UK the total number of students in the department has more than doubled in the last five years and as is typical, the number of staff is largely unchanged. This(More)
One of the hallmarks of modern society is its pervasive reliance on telecommunications. Progress in telecommunications has deeply changed the nature of social relations, politics and commerce. Individuals and communities with limited access to modern communications are disadvantaged in their efforts to keep abreast of current news, to participate in public(More)
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