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Computed tomography of the upper abdomen and of the heart was performed in 21 patients with severe anemia (mean haematocrit value 0.23, mean haemoglobin content 39.6%). Gross morphology of the heart and great vessels (wall thickness, size of the chambers, lumina and walls of the vessels) were visualized in all patients without the use of contrast media. The(More)
A traditional radiological evaluation of five lung diseases and their computer-aided diagnosis with Bayes' approach, were based on the plain chest film. Parameters of diagnostic performance for 12 radiologists, who made 1224 diagnoses by each method, were compared. Under the conditions of this study the use of a computer-aided method did not improve(More)
Mechanical obstruction of the small intestine was induced in 79 rabbits. Ligation and/or fixation of an intestinal loop with sutures was performed in order to produce simple obstruction, strangulation, intussusception and volvulus. The obstructed loop and the adjacent segments of the bowel were examined with microscopic, microangiographic and angiographic(More)
The level of lipoprotein Lp(a), one of the risk factors of atherosclerosis, was determined in 91 children and adolescents of age ranging from 3.3 to 22 years suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes. The changes in Lp(a) were analyzed in relation to the group of patients, the duration of diabetes, possible genetic factors, other factors predisposing to(More)
The intraperitoneal distribution of fluid and its detectability with a CT scanning were investigated in 13 patients during infusion of dialysate for peritoneal dialysis. An ascending pattern of spread i.e. from the lesser pelvis through the inframesocolic compartment to the supramesocolic compartment prevailed. Accumulation of fluid in the perihepatic space(More)
Four bare-headed divers were exposed for twenty-fiv.. .minutes to continuous tones in water at frequencies of 700,'1400, and 5600 hertz at estimated sound pressure levels between 153 and 165 decibels (cß) above 20 micropascal. Subsequent analyses revealed that the eight ears involved were actually exposed to average sound pressure levels between 143.1 and(More)
Thirty-seven patients, 2-4 weeks after transmural myocardial infarction, were investigated with ungated CT over a period of 120 min. after an i.v. contrast medium infusion + bolus injection of 0.6-0.9 iodine/kg body mass. Perfusion defect was found in 23/33 (70%) of technically adequate studies, delayed washout in 6/33 (18%) and local deformity of LV in(More)