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There are a number of reasons why volunteering might yield mental health benefits, especially to older people. Volunteer work improves access to social and psychological resources, which are known to counter negative moods such as depression and anxiety. Analysis of three waves of data from the Americans' Changing Lives data set (1986, 1989, 1994) reveals(More)
This paper explores the normative implications of competition among 'local' jurisdictions to attract new industry and income. Within a neoclassical framework, we examine how local officials set two policy variables, a tax (or subsidy) rate on mobile capital and a standard for local environmental quality, to induce more capital to enter the jurisdiction in(More)
Several studies have shown that diminution of the high-frequency (HF; 150-250 Hz) components present within the central portion of the QRS complex of an electrocardiogram (ECG) is a more sensitive indicator for the presence of myocardial ischemia than are changes in the ST segments of the conventional low-frequency ECG. However, until now, no device has(More)
This paper is concerned with the interpretation and assessment of mental workload, and in particular assessment of the load imposed by the work system. It highlights a framework created to direct the development of workload assessment tools capable of assessing the dimensions most relevant to the population being studied, in our case railway signallers. A(More)
There has traditionally been significant engineering overhead required for the integration of multi-vendor tool and IP design methodologies. Making design-chain integration efficient is the key objective of the SPIRIT Consortium. This special session paper provides an insight into how the specifications of the SPIRIT consortium are being adopted in the(More)
Although loosely defined, holistic or alternative medicine has been viewed by most observers as fundamentally at odds with mainstream biomedical approaches. Convergence or integration of the two are seen as highly unlikely. We attempt to assess the potential for such integration empirically through a survey of physicians, members of the American Holistic(More)
Future database applications will require significant improvements in performance beyond the capabilities of conventional disk based systems. This paper describes a new approach to database systems architecture, which is intended to take advantage of solid-state memory in combination with data compression to provide substantial performance improvements. The(More)